RAS-2 RFID Attendance System

[PF00002] RAS-2 RFID Attendance System

What is RAS-2?

Time and Attendance Logging device. Your employees access the office with their badge, and they check in and out their attendance simply swiping their badge in from of the device.

Integrated with Odoo. RAS-2 seamlessly integrates with Odoo using Wi-Fi. Forget about painful integrations. 

Easy to set-up. It takes 5 minutes to set up the device. Attach it to the wall, plug it, provide the credentials for the device to connect to your Odoo and you're set!

Natural design. We have carefully designed the device so that it integrates well in every business environment. 

What will I get when I purchase it?

By purchasing the device you'll get:

  • - The terminal

  • - 10 employee cards

The terminal requires a power input based on micro-USB, with power of 5V and 1,2A. We do not typically ship the power, as you can nowadays get very easily from your local store one that fits your country specific plug.

We also recommend you to purchase a USB based RFID that your HR employees can use to easily assign the RFID cards to the employees in Odoo.

Please contact us if you need help getting one of these accessories.

How do I install it?

Installing the device is very simple, and we want to make your life as easy as possible.

User Manual:

Install instructions video:


Track Planned vs. Actual worked hours

Comparing the actual attendance versus the defined working hours from the employees is a critical feature every company needs.  Our partner Tecnativa has created a great tool called Theoretical vs Attended Time Analysis, that is a great addon to this device.