Webinar on Project Management in OpenERP using PMI standards

In this Webinar you will be introduced manganing projects with OpenERP from the perspective of the standards set by the Project Management Institute.  We will see an overview of the following features:

– Project Scope Management.

  • Develop the project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for deliverable oriented decomposition of your Projects into smalles components. A WBS provides the necessary framework for detailed cost estimating and control along with providing guidance for schedule development and control.
  • Maintain Project-level visibility of all the elements (activities, costs..) linked  to WBS components of the Project.
  • Manage the Project Lifecycle

– Project Time Management

  • Classify the Project Activities as Tasks and Milestones
  • Use the Precedence Diagram Method to build the Project Activity Network, by easily establishing dependencies between activities and durations using an easy scheduling tool.
  • Apply the Critical Path Method to determine the longest path of planned activities to the end of the project, and the earliest and latest that each activity can start and finish without making the project longer.This process determines which activities are “critical” (i.e., on the longest path) and which have “total float” (i.e., can be delayed without making the project longer).

– Project Risk Management

  • Identify the risks
  • Assess the risks
  • Establish risk response plans
  • Quantify the risks and risk responses

– Project Communications Management

  • Keep track of all your communications within a project
  • Manage meetings related to your projects, with possibility to create and view meetings from the Project form.
  • Communicate via e-mail the possibility to start project or a task to the assigned responsible user, once it is ready to start.

– Project Human Resources Management

  • Record critical stakeholder information on your projects, including their roles and responsibilities.

– Project Procurement Management

  • Manage purchase requisitions and purchase orders related to your projects, with possibility to create and view PRs and POs from the Project form.

– Project Integration Management

  • Maintain an overall visibility of the project status and progress of your project by using a report that includes all the elements you need to take into account.