Project Progress measurements in Odoo


Eficent brings you a module to better enter and track the progress measurements of your projects in Odoo/OpenERP version 7.

The progress of a project indicates the degree of completion, with respect to the estimated scope of work.

Generally the progress cannot be automatically measured and it is based on the expert judgement or the completion of checklists that determine the degree of completion of a project.

The progress measurements are a critical element for the progress evaluation (and most specially in the Earned Value Management techniques).

Progress Measurement Types

A company can measure the progress on a projects using different types of measurements, such as percent, tons delivered to the customer,..

The measurement types are defined in “Project > Configuration > Progress Measurement > Progress Measurement Types”:


Non-Aggregated Measurements

These are measurements directly associated to the progress of a WBS element in a project. They will indicate to which percent has this WBS element been completed, with regards to the work that has been directly allocated to be performed in this WBS element. A non-aggregated measurement does not consider the work planned in the childs WBS elements.

The user can either enter measurements from scratch, from the menu:



Alternatively, the user can enter to a WBS element and in the Tab “Progress”, initiate an action to enter non-aggregated progress measurements for a specific date, for all the WBS elements in the hierarchy.




Use of Non-Aggregated Measurements in the project progress analysis

An aggregated measurement is a calculated measurement of the progress of the WBS element. In the Earned Value Management module, the non-aggregated measurements are used to produce the Percentage of Completion (POC), which is an aggregated measurement.

Example of how is the Percentage of Completion (POC) calculated in the Earned Value Management module;:

A project has the following WBS structure:

WBS element A
> WBS element A / 1
> WBS element A / 2

The user needs to enter, for each WBS element, the Total Planned Cost and the Non-Aggregated progress measurement.

The Earned Value (EV)  is then calculated, for each WBS element, as the Total Planned Cost * Non-aggregated progress measurement.

The Aggregated Percent of Completion (POC) is then obtained as:

Aggregated POC = Aggregated Earned Value (EV) / Aggregated Total Cost

WBS code Total Planned Cost Non-aggregated progress measurement Earned Value Aggregated Earned Value Aggregated Total Planned Cost Aggregated POC
A $50.00 50.00% $25.00 $56.00 $90.00 62.22%
A / 1 $10.00 100.00% $10.00 $10.00 $10.00 100.00%
A / 2 $30.00 70.00% $21.00 $21.00 $30.00 70.00%

More information

The module that implements the features described in this post is available for free under the AGPL license. If you are interested to use this module and seek further assistance, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with instructions on how to install it.

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