OpenERP Modules to track project committed cost & revenues

Business scenario

Companies that are project-oriented often face the need to plan the project costs, and monitor the it’s progress taking into account the costs & revenues that have been commited to the project during execution.

What we refer by commitments correponds to the actual approval of external purchases, the confirmation of work already done by internal employees, and on the revenue side, the acceptance of sales orders by the customer.

For example in a web design project we initially plan:
– Freelance web programmer: -10000 USD
– Freelance web designer: -8000 USD
– Internal project manager: -400 USD

– Web application: 4000 USD

In the first week of project execution:
– A freelance web programmer is contracted for an initial analysis and the associated purchase order is confirmed for 500USD
– The project manager reports 10 hours dedicated to the project at an internal cost of 30USD/hour = 300 USD

So, if the project manager wants to see at this point of time the financial position of the project she shall be able to easily see the amounts that have been commited for each resource as compared to the plan.

The solution in OpenERP
At Eficent we have released a number of modules that will help the project manager achieve this business scenario.

The project manager is able to record planned costs & revenue. Once purchase orders or sales orders are approved, or internal time is recorded in timesheets, the commited amount is registered in an analytic commitments journal.

A report has been created to compare planned vs. commited vs. real costs & revenues grouped by product, so that the project manager will know in detail the use of resources in the project.

The relevant modules are:

You can download the module from: 

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