OpenERP module to manage the Project Work Breakdown Structure

It is now available in OpenERP Apps, for OpenERP 7.0, the module “Work Breakdown Structure”.

A work breakdown structure (WBS), in project management and systems engineering, is a deliverable oriented decomposition of a project into smaller components.

A work breakdown structure element may be a product, data, service, or any combination thereof. A WBS also provides the necessary framework for detailed cost estimating and control along with providing guidance for schedule development and control.


Once you start creating a project, you should be decomposing it into smaller, more manageable components, that you can classify as project, phase, deliverable or work package.

The hierarchy of the project is considered the Work Breakdown Structure and the individual projects are considered WBS components.

At the time of accessing to the “Project” menu in OpenERP the user can display all WBS components at one (from the menu “Work Breakdown Structure”, or can display only components of a particular class (Project, Phase, Deliverable, Work Package).


A user starting a new project may start creating a new project from “Work Breakdown Structure > Projects”.

When you define a new project you should enter the name of the WBS component. The code will be provided by default. Indicate the stage of the project.


In the project it is possible to change the default stages of the lower WBS components, allowing to create a specific workflow associated to each level of the Work Breakdown Structure.


Once the project has been created, from the Kanban view click on the link ‘0 Phase’ that appears in the tile, to navigate to the phases of the project.


Then create a new deliverable using the “Quick create” function of the Kanban view, within the appropiate stage:





Notice how the application already defaults the new code for the deliverable according to a default sequence (1,2,…) that the user can also decide to change.

You can navigate through the hierarchy in the Kanban view, where the number of projects, phases, deliverables and work packages associated to a WBS element are shown.


You can quickly display the whole WBS hierarchy if you search by “Complete WBS Code” or “Complete WBS Name” and indicate the parent WBS Component code or name.

In the Form view a tab “WBS” will display the inmediate lower level components of the current project.

Kanban view:


Tree view:


Form view


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