Project/analytic planned costs and revenues in Odoo/OpenERP

An effective planning of costs and revenues associated to projects or to other analytic accounts  becomes essential in organizations that are run by projects, or profit centers.

The process of cost planning generally follows an rolling wave planning approach, in which the level of detail of the planned costs is increases over time, as the details of the work required
are known to the planning group.

Organizations typically maintain different versions of their planned costs (rough cut, detailed, approved budget, committed,…).

The module ‘Analytic Plan’ provides the foundation for the planning of analytic costs and revenues, and it is
used by other modules that can originate planned costs or revenues during the business process execution.

Users will generally not access to the analytic planning lines to record planned costs and revenues, but will enter the planning data through other entities, such as the Project/Analytic Resource Planning module.

However, an example is provided below on how can users enter planning analytic lines.


A company is initiating a project to build a new car “NextGen”. The company will be in charge of developing the engine and electrical systems.

After an an analyis the engineering team has produced a detailed breakdown of the costs to design the engine, and a rough cut version of the costs required to design the electrical system.

The following project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is created in Odoo/OpenERP:


The user indicates, for each WBS element, what is the currently active planning version.


Once the projects have been created, the user enters the planned costs associated to each WBS element going to “Project > Analytic Accounting > Analytic Journal Plan Items”.



A user can review the totalized planned costs and revenues from the analytic account list view.



The user can also access, from the analytic account, to the associated planned costs and revenues.


How to download the module

The module can be downloaded from:

The name of the module is “analytic_plan”.

After downloading the module the OpenERP administrator should move it to the “addons” folder in the OpenERP server.

The server will then need to be restarted.

How to install the module

An OpenERP user with administrator rights should go to “Settings > Modules > Update modules list” to add the new module to the repository.

Then go to “Settings > Modules > Installed Modules” and search for the module “Analytic Plan”. Install the module.

Configuration requirements

Define Planning Versions

Go to “Accounting > Configuration > Analytic Accounting > Analytic Planning Versions”.



Define Analytic Planning Journals

The Analytic Planning Journal serves as an attribute to classify the costs or revenue by the it’s origin. It is equivalent to the Analytic Journal in Odoo/OpenERP.

Go to “Accounting > Configuration > Analytic Accounting > Planning Analytic Journals”.




  1. Fernando Reino da Costa

    Hi, I’m starting a services company and planning to use Odoo. Do you have your modules in version 8 ? Project/analytic planned costs and revenues, timesheets, and others for project base service companies ?

    best regards,

  2. Hello,

    We are installing Odoo9 in our company (actually Community version). Your module Project/analytic planned costs and revenues matches precisely what we are looking for.
    Is a such module available for Odoo 9 ?
    Thank you very much in advance

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