Analytic accounts in purchase requisitions for Odoo/OpenERP7

Organizations often require to integrate purchase requisitions with projects or contracts, and find requisitions by searching by it the project/contract code, name or project/contract manager.

When a user creates a new purchase requisition she/he can indicate the analytic account.

Eficent Odoo OpenERP purchase_requisition_analytic 1

When the purchase order is created from the purchase requisition the analytic account is copied to the purchase order line.

Eficent Odoo OpenERP purchase_requisition_analytic 2

Introduces the possibility to search purchase requisitions by analytic account or by project manager.

Eficent Odoo OpenERP purchase_requisition_analytic 3

And introduces a new entry in the Purchasing menu to list purchase requisition lines.

Eficent Odoo OpenERP purchase_requisition_analytic 4

How to download the module

The module can be downloaded from:

The name of the module is “purchase_requisition_analytic”.

After downloading the module the OpenERP administrator should move it to the “addons” folder in the OpenERP server.

The server will then need to be restarted.

How to install the module

An OpenERP user with administrator rights should go to “Settings > Modules > Update modules list” to add the new module to the repository.

Then go to “Settings > Modules > Installed Modules” and search for the module “Purchase Requisition Analytic”. Install the module.

Configuration requirements

Users willing to be able to use this functionality must have the technical setting “Analytic Accounting for Purchases” activated in their user’s access right settings. Go to “Settings > Users > Users” then locate the user and go to the form view.

Eficent Odoo OpenERP purchase_order_analytic 3


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  1. Ref. Analytics Account

    The analytic account contains all the projects? Or are there an analytic account for every project or is there an AA for project purchases?


  2. Hi Joe,

    Each project (or work breakdown structure element more precisely), is at the same time an analytic account. A project that is subdivided in “n” deliverables will have “n” analytic accounts.

    When you create a purchase requisition you can indicate the analytic account that will be associated to each requisition line.

    For example, if I have a project “Make car” that is subdivided in “Make engine” and “Make electronics”, I will have 3 projects (on OpenERP terminology) and 3 analytic accounts.

    When I create a purchase requisition I can indicate if I want to refer to “Make car”, “Make engine” or “Make electronics”.


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