Streamline your Purchasing process in Odoo using Purchase Requests

Eficent has released a new app for Odoo that makes it possible for users to to give notification of requirements of materials and/or external services and keep track of such requirements. For the purchasing department, this means better planning of Calls for Bids and/or Purchases.


Users can notify requests and keep track of the purchasing and delivery

Purchase Requests can be created either directly or indirectly. “Directly” means that someone from the requesting department enters a purchase request manually. The person creating the requisition determines what and how much to order, when is it needed, and specifications about the requirement.

“Indirectly” means that the purchase request initiated by the application automatically, for example, from procurement orders.



As Purchase Requests are processed, followers of the Purchase Requests receive notification messages once the Calls for Bid are confirmed, RFQ are confirmed, and as materials are received into the warehouse.



Makes life easier for the Purchasing department

Users from the Purchasing department take the Purchase Requests created directly or indirectly as the basis to organize the purchasing function. Either create Calls for Bid to handle certain requests, or to directly create RFQ’s. Purchasing users have the freedom to select which Purchase Request Lines to process, and adjust the materials to be purchased in follow-up documents, in case that the request was imprecise.

Full traceability

In Purchase Orders and Calls for Bid users can trace the Purchase Request Lines that each line was obtained from.


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  1. Hean Vorthanak

    Dear Mr/Ms,

    I would like to ask some question regarding to Purchase Request Module. I have made a test on this module and I found some error when I try to create Purchase Order for multiple products. The error message is “Expected singleton: purchase.order.line(x,x)”. Do you have any solution for this ? I use it for education purpose only.

    I’m looking forward to see your solution. Thank you.

    Hean Vorthanak

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