Reserve stock for your project in Odoo

Eficent has released a new feature for Odoo that makes it possible for users to reserve/unreserve stock for a project or analytic account.

Once the project stock is allocated to a project / analytic account, components can only be withdrawn for that Project / Analytic Account.



  • Go to Inventory / Inventory Control / Stock Analytic Reservation  and create a new entry.
  • If you select the reservation action ‘Reserve’, the product entered will be reserved to the analytic account indicated.
  • If you select the reservation action ‘Unreserve’, the product entered will be unreserved from the analytic account indicated.
  • Press ‘Prepare’ to create the stock moves associated to each line.
  • Press ‘Confirm’ to confirm the stock moves. If some of the products that have been requested to be reserved/unreserved are not available, you will see in each line, in field ‘Out Move Status’, the value ‘Waiting Availability’.
  • Press ‘Check Availability’ to check again the availability of products for the selected stock location. Press ‘Force Availability’ to force the products to be withdrawn from the selected location, even when no stock is available.
  • Press ‘Complete’ to complete the operation. The products will then be  reserved/unreserved to/from the selected analytic account.

Using Inventory Analysis report it is possible then to display what are the projects / analytic accounts under which stock has been reserved.



  • Go to Warehouse / Configuration / Warehouses and define, for each warehouse, a Stock Analytic Reservation Location.
  • The Stock Analytic Reservation Location must be of ‘Location Type’ = ‘Inventory’
  • If you handle real time inventory valuation then must have as Stock  Valuation Accounts (Incoming and Outgoing) the same GL account, and must be of type ‘Asset’.

More information

The module that implements the features described in this post is available for free under the AGPL license. If you are interested to use this module and seek further assistance, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with instructions on how to install it.

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