Delivery method and Freight charges for purchase orders in Odoo

Eficent has released a new feature for Odoo that makes it possible for users to add a delivery method in the purchase order.


The user can choose to compute the freight cost in the same purchase order, adding an extra line, or compute it at the time of creating the invoice based on incoming shipment(s).

In order to determine the freight charges to apply, the application uses the supplier address as origin, and the company warehouse (or customer address for drop shipments) as destination address, to find the applicable freight charges.

You can define different freight charges based on origin and destination country, state or zip codes.


The freight charges are then computed and added to the invoice:




More information

The module that implements the features described in this post is available for free under the AGPL license. If you are interested to use this module and seek further assistance, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with instructions on how to install it.

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  1. Hola, Jordi …
    Creo que esto realmente agrega valor. Por lo que he visto está para V7. ¿Tienen planes de migrarlo a V8? Gracias desde ya, Luis

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