Plan resources and procurements in projects using Odoo/OpenERP

Eficent brings you a module to better integrate the resource planning and procurement in your projects.

An effective planning of the resources required for a project or analytic account becomes essential in organizations that are run by projects, or profit centers.

Resources for a project need to be planned, and analyzed in terms of cost. The resource plan needs to be integrated with the procurement plan, so that the provisioning of products and services is satisfied as per the project requirements.

The process of resource planning generally follows a rolling wave planning approach, in which the level of detail of the planned resources increases over time, as the details of the work required are known to the planning group. Multiple planning versions are usually maintained during the project.

Enter planned resources for a project



Analyze the costs of resources in your project


Initiate procurement from the resource plan

Create purchase orders:



Create purchase requisitions:




More information

Eficent provides services to help you intergrate Odoo/OpenERP and this new functionality in your organization. Contact us for more details here.

The functionalities described are developed under the AGPL open source license, and can be accessed from the Eficent’s Odoo modules repository here.


  1. I’m looking for integration of production schedule, resources within project management. Its bothersome that I have to run two different schedules. Any ides how to solve that. I need to look into your add on, but didn’t had time yet to install and test it. Just say your blog via google search on my problem.
    It would be nice hearing back from you.

    Cheers Andreas

  2. Dear Eficent,

    i’m using odoo right now and i still learning about project management, why odoo’s project management cant make purchase order / purchase requisition like that pic ?? what module should i use to make it like pictures above ?


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