About us

Who we are

Eficent is a company specialized in the open source software Odoo. With offices in New York and Barcelona, we deliver our services globally.

We have extensive experience in ERP software,  knowledge of a variety of industries, deep knowledge of Odoo, and a collaborative spirit to help us successfully meet the needs of our customers. Since 2015 we are Odoo Ready Partner.


Our Mission

Odoo is transforming the world of ERP, but making it work for your company is far more complicated than simply installing the software.

We work hard to help you reap the rewards of open source software such as Odoo , and at the same time help you to avoid or mitigate the risks that will involve its adoption.

We listen to your needs, train you, advise you and provide customized solutions for your company to successfully implement Odoo and achieve:

  • Closer collaboration with customers, suppliers and key partners.
  • Facilitate the distribution of your products, through both physical and electronic channels.
  • Improve the efficiency of your internal processes.
  • Reduce costs of infrastructure software.

Our Customers

“Eficent’s team understood actual business flow and methods as well as being very knowledgeable about Odoo and how it functioned. 

Eficent is a rare exception when it comes to business software consulting, Odoo software development, functional knowledge, and business sense. I would recommend them to anyone looking to streamline their business with ERP software.”

Kyle Krenzer, President & CEO
Elevation Organics
Colorado, USA